Classroom Programs

Spokes, Lisa's hands-on classroom programs, are a great way to keep the fun and learning going after the assembly. All programs begin with important bicycling safety tips and a chance to see Lisa's folding bike up close and personal. Choose a grade level, choose a theme and go!

Grades K-2 Programs

Balancing Act!

Experience the science of balance with a variety of topsy turvey challenges. Discover how bike design has changed over the years to help make these amazing machines even easier to ride.

Secrets of the Sea

What causes waves and how do they move across the ocean?  What kinds of creatures live in the sea?  Investigate the answers to these and other questions about our planet’s awesome oceans.


A grab bag of tree-mendous actitivies.  Explore products that come from trees.  Learn about the various parts of a tree and discover how to tell the age of a tree by studying the rings of real tree rounds.  Plant a redwood seed in the classroom.

Grades 3-6 Programs

On the Go!

What are the simple machines that make up a bike?  How do early bikes differ from the bikes made today?  Discover the history and science behind this amazing machine while engaging in some fun and fast moving activities.

Motion in the Ocean

Oceans are huge, so how does that message in a bottle travel thousands of miles?  Learn how by investigating energy and ocean waves, density and currents, and learn the important role they play in all aspects of ocean life.

Tree Detectives

Everwonder how old that tree in your back yard is?  Using real tree rounds, learn how tree rings reveal a tree’s age and how they also reflect changes in the tree’s environment.  Solve the Great Cookie Tree Mystery and plant a redwood seed in the classroom.

Grades K-6

Tales of the Totem                                

Read a good totem pole lately?  Learn how these fascinating signposts are created and how they tell stories important to the Native American peoples of the Pacific Northwest.  Create a mini totem pole that tells a special story.