Let the Journey of Learning Begin!

Hold on to those handlebars and get ready for a K-6 assembly program that takes young people on the ride of their lives! It’s a road trip like no other when Lisa Primerano and her folding Bike Friday bicycle present Pedaling the Planet’s premier assembly:

“On the Edge: Pedaling the Pacific Coast”

Experience the excitement of what it’s like to explore one of the world’s most amazing coastlines from the seat of a bike as Lisa leads audiences on her 2,000 mile journey down the Pacific Coast of the United States, all on her folding Bike Friday bicycle.

From massive killer whales to towering redwood trees, from killer “sneaker” waves to wild western winds, from salmon and sea lions to ravenous raccoons, audiences will be on the edge of their seats as Lisa brings education and travel together in one big blast using creative props, interactive demonstrations, great visuals, and more.

Best of all, Lisa’s program is geared to cover state and national standards.  On the journey, students will visit these important curriculum areas:

  • science and technology
  • geography
  • weather
  • environmental science and ecology
  • health, safety, and physical fitness

It truly is a world of learning in one awesome assembly.   Lisa loves to learn on the go, so stay tuned.  There’s more adventure assemblies to come!


Get rolling!!   Book Pedaling the Planet and enjoy the ride. 

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