Lisa was GREAT!

Educator’s Comments

In all Lisa’s work with children, she consistently receives positive feedback for her energy, enthusiasm, patience, and flexibility:

Ms. Lisa Primerano was wonderful. She was animated, used questions to encourage critical thinking, and adjusted her presentation style and format to the size and age range of our group. She did a beautiful job. I was very impressed.

Lisa is very good!

You instantly established a good rapport with the elementary students making it easy for them to listen, ask questions, and learn.

Lisa held the attention of our wide range of campers from 6-12 years old. They all loved it!

Excellent presenter. Very enthusiastic and with lots patience.

Lisa did an excellent job. She managed the crowd very well and kept their interest.

Lisa was very patient and kind.

Well done! Presenter enjoyable and flexible.

Lisa was warm and dynamic.

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. One can see that you enjoy what you do.