About the Programs

What exactly is Pedaling the Planet?

Pedaling the Planet is an interactive multi-curriculum assembly program based on my travels around the world on my folding Bike Friday bicycle.  My premier assembly chronicles my 2,000 mile bicycle journey down the Pacific coast of the United States.  It combines physics, geography, biology, habitats and environmental science, bicycle safety, and physical fitness in one dynamic presentation.  There are many opportunities for student volunteers in the program.

Spokes, my series of hands-on classroom programs, is an excellent way to follow up on topics introduced in the assembly.  Spokes programs also allow students to see my folding Bike Friday bike up close and personal in their classroom.

What is a Bike Friday folding bike?

Bike Friday is a brand of high-quality custom-built folding bikes.  Folding bikes allow people to take a bike with them almost anywhere they go.  A folding bike can be folded up to fit in the trunk of a car in just a few minutes so there’s no need to fuss with a rack.  A Bike Friday folding bike can also be packed into a suitcase and taken on an airplane as checked baggage.  Now, even a mechanical klutz like me can pack and take my bike anywhere!  My Bike Friday has truly opened up a whole new world of adventure for me. Learn more on the Bike Friday website.

What grade levels enjoy your program?

K-6 is the target audience; however,  teenagers and adults also find the program enjoyable and informative.

How long is each presentation?

Each assembly presentation is 45-60 minutes long.  It’s best to schedule assemblies one hour apart to allow for entering and exiting the space.  Each Spokes classroom program is also 45-60 minutes long and should be scheduled to allow travel time from room to room.

Do you meet state and national standards?

Yes.  Pedaling the Planet meets standards in many areas including geography, physical science, life science, technology, and health.  It truly is a world of learning!

What makes your program unique?

Pedaling the Planet is the only assembly that incorporates so many curriculum areas in one exciting interactive program.  Plus, the assembly is based around cycling, an activity that all children enjoy.  Since it chronicles my own personal adventures traveling by bike, I offer real examples about perseverance and determination when setting out to accomplish a goal.  

In an era when children spend a lot of time indoors, plugged in, and sedentary, Pedaling the Planet encourages them to experience the excitement and adventure that the real outside world offers.

What other groups would enjoy your program?

Home-school groups, after-school programs, nature centers, boys and girls clubs, scouting and 4-H groups, libraries, Family Nights, Science Nights, birthday parties, summer camps, community centers, and more!

Who do you travel with?

Sometimes I’ll ride with a friend.  Sometimes I travel with other cyclists I meet along the way.  Most often, I travel on my own.  But, like many other touring cyclists, I always travel with a mascot.  In my case, it is my stuffed dog Lucky, affectionately known as Lucky the Pedaling Pup.

General Information

What are your qualifications as a presenter?

I am a certified elementary and secondary school teacher and have experience working with children of all ages and backgrounds.  I also have a degree in theater, so I am a dynamic and engaging performer.  In addition to Pedaling the Planet, I have over a decade of experience presenting elementary and middle school assembles and classroom programs with the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, so I am skilled at adapting programs to a wide range of audiences.

What are your qualifications as a cyclist?

As a touring cyclist, I have pedaled up hill and down, through heat and rain, on highways and dirt roads, through major cities and tiny towns.  My senses have been alive to sights sounds one could never experience from inside a car.  But it’s not always easy.  I have survived flat tires, ripped tires, busted pedals, broken panniers, bad brakes, aching muscles, raccoon attacks, killer head winds, and too many boxes of macaroni and cheese.  But always I am propelled forward by the natural grandeur of our planet and the amazing generosity of the people I meet along the way.

What do you need to have set up for your assembly?

All I need is a presentation space with an accessible electrical outlet and two long tables.  I need approximately one hour for set up, so I need access to the space at least one hour before the first presentation.  Depending on the size of the group or the acoustics of the space, I may request a microphone.  It’s that simple!

What do you bring?

I bring a screen and multimedia projector for the visuals.  I bring many exciting props for the interactive demonstrations including tent and campfire, inflatable and stuffed animals, mini “clown” bike, bicycle touring gear, and other interesting artifacts.  And most importantly, I bring my folding bike!

How much do you charge?

My fees are reasonable and affordable and fit into the budget of most schools.   My assembly fee is based on the number of assemblies that you book and your school’s location.  Fees for the Spokes classroom programs are based on the number of individual classroom programs that you book.

How far do you travel? Do you charge travel fees?

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I will gladly drive to you no matter where you are.  I charge a travel fee based on your distance from my home. However, if you block book with other schools in your district or area, the travel fees become minimal.

Do you have insurance?

Yes.  I have a three million dollar liability insurance policy.

How do I schedule a program?

You can contact me any time day or night by phone ( 412-781-0499) or e-mail lisa@pedalingtheplanet.com   Get moving!  Get rolling!  Book today and enjoy!

Where can I find out more about bicycle touring?

Adventure Cycling is a wonderful organization whose mission is to inspire people of all ages to travel by bike for fitness, fun, and self discovery. They provide a wealth of information, bicycle maps, and tours of all types.

Check out Adventure Cycling!