About Lisa

From back roads to big cities, Lisa Primerano has always loved to travel and explore. Her explorations, however, have not always been on a bike. As a kid, she did spend countless hours pedaling around her neighborhood on her purple Sting Ray, but as an adult, she took to the car and only occasionally tooled around town on a series of rusty old beater bikes.

Then one day, everything changed.  Inspired by a friend’s dramatic stories about his bicycle trip through Iceland, she went out and bought a shiny new bike. The next day, she took it for an inaugural spin on a local rail trail. Flying along under sunny skies, free to stop and explore woods, rivers, and small towns at will, chatting with other cyclists about their own adventures, she thought, “Wow! This is great! This is the way to go!”  Thus began her interest in bicycle touring as a means of adventure, exploration, and self discovery.

Pedal Power!

Once she bought her folding Bike Friday bicycle, an even more exciting way of exploring the world unfolded before her.  Now she could easily fold her bike up, pack it in a suitcase,  and take it with her anywhere.  Over the past few years, she has biked on all kinds of roads throughout the United States and overseas and always has a new adventure in mind.

She was inspired to create Pedaling the Planet because she believes that traveling by bike is the most exciting and rewarding way to experience the beauty of our planet and its people up close and personal.  Always interesting and engaging, sometimes challenging and demanding, never ever boring, traveling by bike is the perfect antidote to today’s virtual reality.

As a professional educator, she is the perfect person to introduce this exciting and unique way of traveling to young people.  As a certified teacher, she has worked with a wide variety of students and has over a decade of experience presenting elementary and middle school assemblies and classroom programs with the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.  She is a dynamic and engaging performer and is skilled at presenting and adapting programs for a wide range of audiences.

On the go!

Having pedaled thousands of miles, she is thrilled to share her enthusiasm for active adventure and discovery with young and old alike.  Ever eager to see more of the world by bike, she has plans for additional exciting assemblies for your school.  So sit back and enjoy the ride!