A New Spin on Education!

Kids love their bikes. These amazing machines promise independence, action, and adventure, so what better way to learn about the world than from the seat of a bike?

Lisa Primerano, educator and bicycle traveler, brings a world of learning to your school with Pedaling the Planet, an action-packed, interactive, educational, and inspirational series of assemblies and classroom programs based on her travels around the world on her folding Bike Friday bicycle.

Kids of All Ages Learn About:

  • Technology and the Science of Cycling
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Habitats, Biology, and Life Cycles
  • Geography and Environmental Science
  • Wild and Crazy Weather
  • Determination, Perseverance, and Physical Fitness

Lisa’s fun-filled and engaging program offers a heart-pounding journey audiences will never forget.  Best of all, it inspires young riders to explore their own neighborhood environment in a fun and healthy way, all on the most amazing machine ever invented–the bicycle!

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